What people say.

We have been using Sensorpro for 5 years to handle all email marketing duties for MicksGarage.com and I couldn't recommend them any more highly. Fantastic support with quick responses, very helpful suggestions and eager to help us get the most out of our email marketing. Our plan is tailored to our large volume, the interface gets better with every release and we've been able to streamline our marketing in a way we couldn't with our previous platform. Thanks guys!

Rob Hunt, Lead Content Manager at MicksGarage.com

We serve hundreds of clients that demand real-time lead generation for opt-in acquisition and the Sensorpro team are very supportive and diligently work with us to build our proprietary, innovative targeting solutions.

John Wen, Epsilon Data Solutions (Publicis Groupe)

The DMA ran hundreds of sessions & we needed feedback on each session & speaker. But the traditional survey approach made this an impossible task. The Sensorpro team made a template so the only effort was to specify just 3 questions with session specifics handled on-demand. It literally meant the difference between general feedback of limited value vs detailed speaker & session feedback that greatly improved the next conference experience.

Keith Baker, Director of programming, DMA

At CapitalCU we always put our members first. With more than 50,000 members, we needed a better way to manage messaging & feedback with members directly. The EU-made Sensorpro platform has really worked for us - especially in terms of compliance, deliverability and local support.

Jonathan Fenton, Marketing manager, Capital Credit Union

Sensorpro is easy to use and offers greater flexibility than other inexpensive tools. A great benefit is the customer support. Their team is quick to respond, reliable, and they go the extra mile with meeting my needs and the needs of my internal stakeholders.

Tom Noggle, Senior Manager, Market & Consumer Insights, IHG® InterContinental Hotels Group

Our need was for a solution which enabled us to gather information from our customers and then use this information to build our marketing campaigns. The integration was crucial for us and with the easy integration we can now produce even more targeted and relevant email campaigns.

Sarah McCollum, COTY

Really refreshing to have a friendly face for the technology provided. It's not everyday that you would buy a tech product and have such incredible customer service - we were really happy with that.

Flick McClean, Ashoka

It was really important that we got responsive data and the Sensorpro team have been great at delivering that.

Ed Shepherd, Ben & Jerry's

With Sensorpro I can have a campaign done with just a few steps in minutes. The support from Sensorpro has been excellent, I'm not just saying that.

Sam Giles, WD40

Using email enabled P&G to reach a wider audience, more quickly, more cost-effectively, and identified more profitable and higher-value customers for us. The integration of Epsilon International and SensorPro was a winning combination, making the email survey a seamless and easy process.

Dr Erich HAYEK, P&G

The last email platform we had wasn't scaleable which we solved with Sensorpro. It was very simple to implement and feel it gives us a competitive advantage. It seems that the Sensorpro team are omnipresent, it's been fantastic.

Vinny O'Brien, eCommerce Director, Arnotts Retail Store

I have worked with Christopher and his team and find them to be very dedicated and helpful at all times. Their service is excellent. I would recommend them as a very reliable service provider to partner with for your email distribution requirements.

Sindhu Mohanakrishnan, Marketing manager at Softbrands (Infor)

The Sensorpro integration into our systems generates real sales of boats to the consumer

Phil Walker, eBusiness Director, Mastercraft boats

We are so impressed with the product that we are currently in the process of installing our second module, eSurvey and plan to have it running within a few weeks. With the savings made from outsourcing & the time saved in dealing to & fro with the outsourced agency, our initial estimates are that eMarketing & eSurveys will have paid for themselves after only 1 year.

Paul Cunningham, IT Manager, Kyocera

Just wanted to let you know that on our campaign previous to the last one on Olive Oil futures we pre-sold $3,000 worth of olive oil!

Helen of Bizalions Deli

Creation of an online survey for consumers who have purchased a new variant of our product. The questionnaire had to be accessible from 12 different countries with the right match to 1 of 4 questionnaire-languages. The layout of the internet pages had to match design of our packaging. I was overall very pleased with the service provided, both from a quality and timing perspective. Changes required were implemented very flexibly. The training provided on the analysis tool, which was provided online in a telephone conference, was easy to understand and very clear. The analysis tools provided all breakouts I require.

Bettina Kruse, Senior R&D Engineer, P&G Germany.

Sensorpro allows us to measure the subjective quality of our service department real-time as experienced by the customer. By integrating these measures with the objective measurements of the service time and SLA performance we are capable of optimizing the alignment of resources to improve customer satisfaction.

Arjan Steevels, Executive board, IS Group (Netherlands)

Excellent value for money and I have yet to come across another supplier that offers such good value for money coupled with such an excellent support team. In short, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it!

Gillian Clarke, CRM Manager, BrownThomas Retail stores

Your team is great and a pleasure to deal with. Rebecca and Richard provided the best customer service and support I have ever received. They are considerate, effective, keen and thoughtful.

Al Maragni, EJ Brooks

It proved to be adaptable and flexible and offered the reporting we needed. The alerts from respondents scoring our boxes in a particular way meant we could act very quickly indeed on feedback. SensorPro were professional enough to be able to turn our requirements into reality.

Adrian Carey, Direct Marketing Manager, Riverford Organic

The essence of the solution is that it is the last piece of the jigsaw in our emarketing strategy. With the Response Reporter we can clearly see the real time results of a campaign and we can then track that against actual pickup in business, i.e. bookings made.

Deirdre Power, General Manager, FBD Hotels.

Dave has the perfect patience, confidence, empathy and motivating personality to drive people through such a training session. His understanding of our business and database is very impressive and his ability to show us how to maximise our use of SensorPro is fantastic. Personality is difficult to convey over the phone, though Dave has this nailed in is open and positive communication.

Sorcha Mulligan, Executive Director, IIBN

I have worked in the software industry for about 20 years and have never seen such high quality software as that produced by Sensorpro. In addition, the team at Sensorpro are the most friendly and responsive I have met. The software drives sales and has improved revenue for all of our customers.

Jane Broomfield, Business Dev. Director, Intellegentia UK

We have found a partner that provides an excellent combination of world-class products and industry expertise. Our collaboration has enabled Epicor to provide new and existing clients with industry leading .Net applications. They have proved to be a valued OEM partner by providing us with excellent support in all areas of the sales process from pre-sales to client implementation and training.

Mark Duffell, Executive VP of Enterprise Solutions Group and International Operations, Epicor Software Corporation.

On behalf of our team here at Carswell, I'd like to thank you both and your team for all your hard work over the last few months. During your recent visit with us, Dave, your commitment to helping us implement our system as smoothly as possible, your professionalism and, last but not least, your wonderful sense of humour, were top notch. The feedback that I received from the training sessions certainly attested to this.

Janice O'Donnell, Thomson Carswell

I wanted to send a note to thank you for all the help you’ve given me with the SensorPro software. You and your support team has been wonderful in helping me get set up with the software, getting me training and working through my support issues. I’ve been so impressed with your response time and it has been critical in helping me get a very large, high priority project out the door in record time. On a side note, the software is terrific, and the training presentation you sent me was invaluable. Thanks again, I appreciate it!

Brooke Ekman, Verizon Business Marketing Operations

Our need was to have a solution that offered Campden Research an alternative and flexible method of recruiting and communicating with survey candidates over traditional methods. Sensorpro worked very closely with us to understand our processes and deliver a solution on time and on budget that met our needs.

Peter Burgess, Campden Research.

The technology provided by Sensorpro will enable Leading Hotels of the World to provide a more effective communication strategy for our Customers and Trade Clients. We see this as an excellent step forward in the development of our Customer Relationship Management strategy. We use Sensorpro to analyze customer behavior, track the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns, and provide a continually improved customer experience.

Brian Gore, Marketing Executive, Leading Hotels of the World

Adds tremendous value to our customer communications. Our campaign follow-ups are no longer a shot in the dark

Sander Baks, Head of European CRM, Konica Minolta

The process of creating e-mail shots has been greatly improved by Sensorpro and we are able to create campaigns in a matter of hours where before it could have taken days. The campaigns run over the first three months have generated over £100,000 in sales that would have been unlikely to have walked into a showroom – especially on some quite unusual items. Tracking statistics show that the average Hartwell campaign yields 31% readership by recipients with only a 0.4% opt-out.

Richard Burn, Marketing and Data Manager, Hartwell UK Ltd.

Email marketing has been a great way for us to reach our clients and prospects, fast. Our previous system was very basic and we wanted to be able to produce more exciting and sophisticated emails and be able to monitor our success quickly and easily. When they approached us and showed us what Sensorpro could do for us, the decision was easy.

Anna Barker, Marketing Manager, Nomadic Displays

We particularly valued the strong segmentation features for the purpose of creating our mailing lists and the loyalty manager as a means of centralizing our email contacts. We feel that the ease of use of the software and the results we can view via the response reporter will allow us to better engage in responsible, targeted email marketing. The web-based approach to Sensorpro enables us to deploy the system quickly across to our Silicon Valley operation.

David Moore, Director of Corporate Development, East of England International

Working with the team at Sensorpro has been a pleasure, as they are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and help in any way they can. Their knowledge of the system and willingness to assist with any task you have is a welcome resource and their patience with training our team is very much appreciated.

Lorna Healion, The Merrion Hotel

A very experienced team and mature product enabling integrated surveys for Mproof ITSM which is essential for proper monitoring of the quality of service delivery to the customer.

Gerben van Kesteren, CEO MPROOF

For 45 years, Hallmark Building Supplies, Inc has been a name you can count on in demand creation and distribution of building materials- including top brands like DuPont™ Tyvek® and Corian® Design. We needed to modernize our customer communications, so we chose Epicor emarketing to stay at the forefront of digital innovation and integration with our CRM. SensorPro has been a good resource for our team & their technical support is timely and knowledgable.

Katie Sadorf, VP Marketing and Strategy, Hallmark Building Supplies.