Engage new users before they walk.

Whilst a single welcome or activation email is useful, a welcome series is a more effective strategy to continually engage, connect and up-sell with your subscriber over time.

Let's look at an example of how this might work:

Amy buys a pair of running shoes online on Monday. Great, she gets an activation email with the usual shipping and returns info. All good so far. Now let's look at how a Welcome series differs to sending repetitive promotional emails that could drive Amy away from your product.

On Wednesday Amy gets the running shoes and goes for her first 10k in them; all is good. The next day she gets an email asking How was your run? and reminds her of the basic steps to share her running experience online.

3 weeks later Amy gets an email survey asking for feedback How are the running shoes working for you? and Here's some great stories from other runners just like you. A special offer for a sports bra is included; if this were Keith, he'd have an offer on running socks.

6 months later Amy gets an email with an offer on the latest running shoe and because she's purchased before, a coupon code is included that she can redeem online or bring in-store.

The right sequence

So how do we do that, without sending the same email to every subscriber or worse, in the wrong order? With Autoresponders, you can set these messages up ahead of time and create the rules that will only send the relevant email at the right time and importantly, in the right sequence. Protip: A welcome series is a great way to help new customers who need a hand getting started.

These welcome series emails can be completely automated if your email platform supports this and can be easily integrated with your transaction systems. Communications which are relevant to your subscribers' preference and behaviours are more likely to result in repeat purchases from you and not your competition.