Your Guide to Email Responders for Twitter Ads

Last Summer, Twitter started to roll out its advertising offering. It's a great way to promote a Tweet to your followers, to the followers of a competitor or to followers that have certain interests. For example, if you are a Sports retailer you may want people who use the #runkeeper hashtag to see your brand. When running a Promoted Tweet, Twitter uses an auction format to decide which Tweet will be shown based on Resonance, Relevancy & Recency.

But Twitter went further than just helping you grow followers or directing them to an external landing page. We know you can lose engagement with a clickaway like that. So they added a new Lead Generation Card that captures name, email & Twitter handle without leaving the walled-garden of Twitter. This is how your ad would look in the Twitter stream:

Twitter Card Image 1

When you click on the blue bar, email, name and Twitter handle are passed directly to our email app right away with an auto-responder email which can re-enforce your offer with a little more than 140 characters! And because name is included, the email can be personalized too. Protip: We also tag the contact as coming from Twitter in case you want to send a Twitter only email later.

You don't need to run Twitter ads to use the Lead Generation Card. You can embed the card as a signup form on your website; when it's clicked it runs the same offer & the data is automatically added to your list too. Protip: The card could also be used as a link on your Twitter profile.

Getting started.

Once your Twitter ads account is approved, you are ready to use Twitter Lead Generation cards - click here for configuration instructions. On the advanced tab, enter the details as outlined on that link and use the organization code from your account. Simple as that. To trigger the email automatically, setup an email in the auto-responder menu. Don't forget to personalize!

We are currently running a number of Twitter card campaigns on behalf of clients; Please contact support to book your slot as soon as you can. Try our Twitter card to see it in action (make sure you are signed in to Twitter first):

Twitter Card Image 2

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