How our Shopper score app can boost retail email

Thirty percent of Amazon's business is generated by personalization. They report that email personalization is significantly more effective than their on-site recommendations. Also, our client Mastercraft, said they improved dealer close rate by 30% when they personalized campaigns. So we know that personalized email works. And we know the days of batch and blast are over. But we also know this is much easier said than done...

What makes this so hard?

Integration with Loyalty, CRM and eCommerce platforms can be challenging and smoothing the operational process can take awhile. But the right email platform can take the legwork out of personalization and automatically learn & then act on subscriber behavior. Here's how:

Let's get started #Shopperscoring

First, we develop a Persona for your subscriber that is aligned with your products. It's a way to group your products to a lifestyle or interest, like Work or Sports. Then we are going to glean what that Persona is from the signup form and survey, along with Gender and Birthday. Protip: Ask for Persona of significant others so you can offer gift ideas in your email.

100 Days

The first 100 days are important in the subscriber relationship. A common mistake is not sending a branded welcome email, confirming the subscription with options to further develop that Persona. But what about 3 days later, a week later or a month from now? We will use the Welcome series to develop a dialog with your subscriber and learn more about them. Protip: Use the special email survey question to add to the Persona; answering questions updates the subscriber information directly !

Persona 101

Now we are ready for our first personalized email. We know subscriber Gender, so we can use the Segment function to send a different message to each. And we will use Dynamic content within the email to show content based on data from the Persona. Remember that we will include a Gift message for the significant others too :D Protip: Use the Rapleaf tool to automatically get Gender, Age & Name for your email contacts.

To take our open rates to the next level we are going to include data from our Loyalty system, with a special offer based on points. With Dynamic content we are going to show a coupon depending on whether the subscriber is a Black, Gold or Silver member. Protip: Include your Facebook signups in the offer too. If you use our FB app, that data is available to use right away.

The other you

But wait a minute… Are we always just one Persona? It could be a schoolboy mistake to permanently align a subscriber with just one aspect of your product or that their interest remains a constant. Perhaps they just bought a bike and have a new penchant for all things Lycra?

So providing a way to tell you about this change quickly and easily is important. We're going to use the Shopper scoring app for that. This will do two things. Their Shopper score will change, meaning they will receive additional content that matches that Persona. And they will also get that email right away, so there will be a second opportunity waiting in the inbox for a click to purchase. Protip: In a subsequent campaign you can segment by score to target subscribers who span multiple personas, but have similar click behaviors.

The high open rate club

Finally, we know that we can track links clicked in the email. But what about subscriber activity on your site, once they navigate away from that link? We'd like to know if they abandoned a purchase, for example. We can turn on the Clickstream tracking app which will keep track of the route your subscriber takes. The clickstream app will automatically send an email reminding the subscriber to complete the purchase. Protip: Use personalization in this second-cycle email to incentivize your subscriber and use a survey to understand what happened.

We are trusted by the world's top brands for email deliverability, shopper scoring and personalisation. Join the high open rate club by clicking the orange button below or contact us by using the details at the bottom of this page.

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