New research by Salesforce+ says less than half B2B marketers use responsive email design.
Why this matters:

With a growing number of subscribers who open first on a smartphone, responsive email design matters. Just like your website, if the email is not responsive, there is little chance for your well crafted call-to-action.

Take a look at the emails on this page. Both emails will register an open metric but only one has a better chance for engagement. Our stats show that for millions of emails, the one on the left will under-perform in terms of click through - because it is not responsive.

On a smartphone, to read the email on the left you would need to pinch-out (or zoom in and scroll around) to see the content, reducing the chance to engage with the call-to-action.

The one on the right responds to the device that it is read on, whether an iPhone, iPad or Desktop. Even when you flip from portrait to landscape mode, the content adjusts dynamically so that it’s presented clearly to the subscriber for frictionless engagement with your call-to-action.

So now that we know responsive means better engagement, what to do about non-responsive email designs? The good news is that Sensorpro has responsive templates you can use right away, without needing to be a media-query (responsive design) expert. The bad news is that your custom designed email will need some work to make it responsive.

But it's not all bad news. We've added new features to our content designer so that designers can easily add media-queries for responsive design and of course our support team are here to help.

*The 2015 State of B2B Marketing: New Research from Salesforce

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