Use the report abuse email if you received an email from a client who used our email platform to send you an email without you having opted-in to their communications. We are an opt-in email service provider. Our clients upload their customer email addresses and they deploy the email with our platform. To use the platform they have agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in our Acceptable Usage Policy If you believe this policy has not been adhered to, please report this to with a copy of the email. We do not in any way own this data and therefore unable and unauthorised to remove you from a client's email list. If you are a customer of a client and would like to be removed from a client's email list, you may use the unsubscribe mechanism within the email you receive, or you may contact the client directly and request that your email be removed. Please be aware that you may do business with several companies that are clients and you must contact each to be removed from their email lists. We never sell or share your email address with any company.

Any information stored on our platform is treated as confidential and not given away or sold to anyone. All information is securely stored. The data center is based in Dublin, Ireland and is ISO 27001 certified. It is not subject to the US Patriot Act. It is subject to the Data Protection Laws of Ireland and Europe We comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, European Union Safe Harbor principles, and Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA). In addition, we fully subscribe to the privacy policies outlined by the European ESOMAR code

During your registration on our site, we collect information such as Browser type, IP Address, company name, e-mail, address, location, telephone/fax and name of responsible person. This information is used to identify you in our system, for billing reasons and to be able to contact you if for any reason there should be a problem with your account. The information gathered will only be used internally in SensorPro and not given away to any third party.

As a customer, you can at any time access your personal information and update your contact details by logging in with your organisation code, username and password on our site. You can also write or email us to provide you with any information we store:

Lonsdale House,
National Technology Park,
TEL +353 61 234500

As a SensorPro customer, you have access to create several users and organisations with different privilege levels within your account. With this option more than one person in your organization can benefit from the use of our services and you are still in control of who has access to different kind of information. It is, however, your responsibility to choose the level of access each user should have and to protect your information by selecting which users within your organization can access the various options. When using the Survey platform it is important that you supply your own privacy policy that it is relevant to the jurisdiction in which the survey is being carried out.

We utilize the use of cookies to store information about your browser version, Internet IP address and Operating System. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your hard disk by a Web page server. Cookies cannot be used to run programs or deliver viruses to your computer. Cookies are uniquely assigned to you, and can only be read by a Web server in the domain that issued the cookie to you.

The IP address and Browser details are stored with each email open, click response and survey response. Campaign Data is purged automatically 13 months after a broadcast has occured from that campaign (unless the campaign has been excluded from the purge by the campaign owner). Organisations can be deleted by request, and all related contacts, campaign data, surveys and survey data are removed as part of that process.

We use reasonable precautions to protect our customers' personal information and to store it securely. Such precautions are the use of encrypted communication between our servers and any clients accessing our site by the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL is a technology widely used by any web-services seeking the protection of information on the internet. To ensure our customers that they truly are accessing SensorPro services we have adopted the use of industry standards certificates from one of the most trusted Certificate Authorities available on the internet. You can see this by clicking on the privacy icon in your browser. Regular penetration tests are performed using Acunetix.

The survey platform runs on powerful dedicated servers in the TeleCityGroup Data Center, Dublin, Ireland within uniform, high-quality aluminum cabinets, with lockable mesh front and rear doors. Cabinet dimensions are 600x900mm (19" width) x 42U high and are supplied with multi-mode fibre, a ground connection and two x 10 socket strips fed by redundant AC power, allowing a maximum of 13 amps per socket. Single mode fibre, UTP and coaxial patch panels are available on request. All our cabinets are BSC (UK) and Belcor (US) compliant. A cage offers you an additional level of security and demarcation on a shared Data Centre floor. Our cage is locked and isolated from other customers, while at the same time benefiting from the cost saving of a shared technical environment.

Nightly backups to disk
Recovery procedure tested every 3 months.
Accounts are locked out when more than 3 invalid password attempts.
Forced long passwords enabled.
Regular penetration tests are performed using Acunetix.
SSL access enabled for individual surveys.
Annual verification procedure by Unilever

Redundant power supplies to protect your mission-critical operations against service interruptions. In the event of power failure, our UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) takes over and an on-site diesel generator supports both AC and DC systems. For additional redundancy, we can install A & B power supplies to customer equipment. 100% Service Level Agreements (SLA) for power availability.

The Data Centre is carrier neutral and is connected to multiple communications carriers. The data centre at Kilcarbery Park in Dublin is connected to 12 different fibre optic and wireless carriers. For IP connectivity, all customers are connected to four Internet Service Providers (ISPs) at any one time via a fully meshed architecture. IP connectivity is available through Cable & Wireless, Colt, Esat BT and Global Crossing. 100% Service Level Agreement for availability of your IP.

Biometric access control system
Motion sensitive CCTV cameras using the latest IP technology
Business Park 24 x 7 external security for Kilcarbery Park
Full control on private premises
Data centre 24 x 7 manned security
Security footage available for customer viewing upon request

Optical and ionisation sensors are fitted to the ceiling void and to the floor. Very Early Smoke Detection Appliance (VESDA) detects smoke levels over 1ppm, broken down by zone. Fire suppression use low-pressure inert gases, which do not harm people or equipment. In addition exhaust noses are built into ceilings and floors and have sufficient capacity to fill the room twice.

Our Panel provides access to a ready source of respondents in 27 countries. They allow the creation of representative samples of the population and are especially useful for the identification of niche samples. They facilitate speedy accurate research at a significant cost advantage to the traditional methodologies.

We follow ESOMAR best practices and consequently all our panelists double opt-in to take surveys from SensorPro. They supply us with much information about themselves, which we keep to facilitate targeting of niche samples. We recruit them from participants in our offline surveys and from the websites and lists of literally hundreds of companies with whom we have partnered. SensorPro provides clients with access to the highest quality panels.

Panelists are recruited online via a wide range of permission e-mail recruitment, affiliate networks and web site advertising, avoiding potential bias associated with panel recruitment from a single source or single methodology. We recruit from literally hundreds of web sites as well as from our face to face and telephone surveys.

SensorPro panelists are only contacted by us for the purposes of conducting market research. Our panelists are not exposed to third party advertising or direct marketing campaigns, nor is their personal data sold to third parties. Panelists are invited to take surveys based upon a set of panel management rules. These rules are designed to minimize possible biases and to provide a positive experience for the panel member. Each panel has a dedicated panel support team available to provide help and assistance to the panelists.

We continually recruit new members to our panel. This ensures that the panel is dynamic in nature and reflects any changes in the online population that might be occurring. At recruitment, we collect a large amount of personal and household information. This pre-screened information allows us to build representative samples and target low incidence/hard to reach groups. Once these respondents have double opted in and started to take surveys we then offer panelists the opportunity to expand their profile information by completing separate business sector profiling surveys.

Each panelist, whether they are a member of a SensorPro proprietary panel or one of our many custom proprietary panels, is treated with a high degree of concern for privacy and procedures are carefully followed to ensure respondent privacy is protected. These include compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, European Union Safe Harbor principles, and Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA). In addition, we fully subscribe to the privacy policies outlined by the European ESOMAR code

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