The case for on-premise email platforms

Data protection concerns suggest that many firms must reconsider the on-premise option for email marketing. Important though they are, delivery, automation and relevance must never play second-fiddle to data security.

There are a number of factors that make your subscriber data vulnerable to malicious attack: One factor is outsourcing your email marketing to a firm with limited understanding of data protection matters. Taking email in-house removes the opportunity for attackers to target you.

A second factor is that the vendors' internal data security policies may not be as robust as yours or pass external regulation standards: On-premise assures your subscribers that their information is treated with the same respect and care as your mission-critical systems. By implementing an on-premise solution, sensitive customer data can remain in your secure internal databases helping legal compliance and regulation.

A third factor is the company you keep: An email vendor with 1m clients is a target for attackers. The very opposite of safety in numbers.

Whilst managing your email marketing on-premise eliminates these vulnerabilities, not all companies believe they have the resources or expertise to bring it in-house. On-premise email marketing no longer requires significant technical resources to manage the system, and we can provide brands with full strategic, creative, production and deliverability services as needed.

As a tier1 email service provider that offers both on-premise and cloud options, our robust approach provides some of the world's biggest brands with exceptional control, security and integration capabilities. We are one of the very few vendors who have both an on-premise and cloud platform from the same code base. It's a platform built with the most robust and secure technology available today.

On-premise case study: WD40

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