On February 29th, Mandrill announced a plan to cease operations of their free service and introduced onerous usage and privacy terms that caused considerable outcry for some companies that had embedded their email service. According to technology profiler Builtwith, there are 405,876 active sites using Mandrill. Users were told to switch to a paid account or have their account closed. They could no longer send bulk email and they terminated their agreement with Heroku  

To be fair, Mandrill have a point - at least on the free model. No one can send thousands of emails to GMAIL on a dime and then expect first-class inbox delivery. Indeed, on Feb 9, GMAIL changed how email marketing firms can deliver to their subscribers' inboxes. Hint: They made it harder  

That's why at Sensorpro, our freemium offering allows free sending for up to 2,500 contacts for one year. However, only verified senders are permitted on our platform and volumes must comply with our AUP. After one year you can switch to our Pay As You Go plan or the popular Annual Unlimited plan. There is no charge for contact storage (a cost that can significantly add to your monthly outlay) so it's important to include this when making comparisons  

A free service that delivers to the junk folder is of no value and we would argue that it is a cost to your business, not just in sender reputation terms but real lost revenue.

Sensorpro's inbox delivery and reputation is key to our service and our combined offering of transactional, email marketing and feedback in a single platform is trusted by leading brands  

Developers can quickly integrate with our easy to deploy API's and Webhooks with direct access to our Engineering team for help and suggestions. Developers or Agencies can also create sub-accounts to manage client deployments. To get started, create a trigger campaign, select a responsive design and grab your API key from the broadcast tab. Then head over to our API documentation:  

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