Make the most from your holiday messaging with these 10 highly effective tips.

1. Look at your recent holiday campaign, now is the time to review the results and the approach taken. Ask tough questions about each part of the campaign and decide what can be done to improve it.

2. It's also a great time to ask questions of your customers. Getting product reviews now can help shape your inventory or order plans and add to your customer's preferences. Carefully construct a survey that will update your customers' preference and product feedback; then use the survey results in the campaign.

With so many offers out there for the holiday season, it can be hard and costly to be seen. Avoid the temptation to resurface the same old inventory at lower prices.

Vinny O'Brien, e-commerce expert with CruaOutdoors

3. A flash sale can burn out your audience so hold something back with an exclusivity offer. For example, show some items in your Black Friday offer as unavailable until Cyber Monday.

4. If you have not done so already, make sure you are collecting data from your customer at POS and by that, we mean both online and offline. Coupons and special offers that are specific only to the Holiday season should be considered today and incorporated into the Holiday plan. Once they have opted in to your email communications, you can keep them up-to-date on new deals or offers especially on the countdown to the Holiday season.

5. An email series is a great way to automatically remind customers on a schedule. The Advent calendar and Post office deadlines are popular scheduling guides as they are a credible source for delivery times.

6. Use Quantitive data. Messaging that reflects subscriber purchase is proven to resonate better and result in repeat buys.

7. It can be a schoolboy mistake to assume the endgame of your Holiday season marketing is a specific event like Christmas Day.

It is important to try something unique and different. Something more than a blanket discount. For example, one of our clients only discounts their black products.
Paul Savage, VP Partnerships

8. The Holiday season is one time you can lower prices without losing brand integrity but make the deal real. It should be clear that the offer is valid for the day in question and that it reverts right after.

9. As we progress through the season, the time to ship becomes more pressing. For example, highlight products eligible for 24 hour shipping and consider using SMS for some subscribers.

10. Make sure your Marketing platform has the capacity to handle your offer. Your email campaign queueing up behind that of your competitor will cost you in terms of first to inbox and sales.