Headless Surveys

Traditional Survey platforms were built with the desktop in mind but new digital channels like Internet of things (IoT), eCommerce, Robotics & Voice demand a different approach.

The Headless model is best suited to autonomous feedback deployment for the omni-channel. And MVC is the best technology approach with RESTful API.

The term 'Headless' was coined as a design approach that separates the presentation layer from code such as the Google Headless Chrome project and Headless Content Management Systems.

With Headless, Survey functions like answering a question, can be deployed without human interaction.

For example, Rate this post on this page is using a Headless Survey. The icons are from the CMS but when clicked will run the Sensorpro server code to answer the Question & send an email alert for a negative answer.

Headless Surveys allow you to answer Survey questions using an API, autonomously.

Because Headless Surveys use the full power of the Sensorpro platform, all the backend benefits of Feedback analytics & email alerts are available too.

Headless decouples Survey functions and presentation. Now Survey questions can be stored in a centralized cloud-based platform and provided as a service to any application on any platform & on any device through an API.


Alternative UI. On this page, the rate my post uses an alternative UI and sends an email alert for a negative review. The email alert happens on the Sensorpro platform.

eCommerce. An eCommerce platform might want to send feedback from a custom shopping-cart UI or triggered events during the shopping process.

Manufacturing. A machine on the shopfloor may want to send feedback on progress, updates or problems directly to the Sensorpro dashboard.

Voice. A Voice-enabled service may wish to send voice-initiated feedback back to Sensorpro.

e-mail marketing. Survey deployment in e-mail can be challenging for traditional platforms. Headless surveys present answers as links that can be included in your email marketing template.

CMS. A Content Management System may want to use proprietary UI to send feedback. CMS will typically route visitors based on events & may wish to send analytics to Sensorpro.

IOT. A sensor sends hourly temperature or health data to Sensorpro with alerts for faults or out-of-range data.

Autonomous feedback deployment for the omni-channel

The Drucker Corporate effectiveness index cites Customer satisfaction as a key ranking methodology. Autonomous feedback across all channels is now business-critical.
Industry 4.0 means Manufacturing is increasingly digital. Autonomous feedback can literally mean the difference between stopped production and carrying on.

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