After this Quickstart guide you will be able to:

  1. Create a Survey
  2. Create a Question
  3. Add a Question to a Survey
  4. Deploy & test a Survey
  1. Select the Blank Quickstart survey:

  1. Type a name & description for your survey, then click OK

  1. To design the survey, click

To add a question, click Add New

Select the Star Rating question.

  1. Add Question text eg "Please rate your support experience"
  1. Select whether the question is required.
  1. Click the Answers tab.

List your answers, one for each 5 star rating.

PS The answer text will be used in the Survey dashboard.

  1. Click Save

Now add the Question to the Survey page.

  1. Click on the Pages tab

  1. To add the question to the Survey page, click

  1. You can see the Question we made earlier?

Click on this & drag between the header & footer sections on the right.

  1. Click Save & Close

Your Survey is ready to go!

  1. Click on the Deployment tab to find the unique link for your survey:

  1. Copy the link & test your survey.

Check that the results are as you expect before publishing!