Before you start, have the following ready:

If using Chrome, open a new tab incognito mode (click on the 3 dots, top right corner)

Now go to

Click on Use my current email address instead

Then type your sender email address eg

After you enter your sender email, you will be sent a 6-digit verification code to verify you own the email address.

This step is to verify with your phone.

After you enter the code to verify your phone, you can now proceed to create the Google account.

Note: this is not a gmail a/c.

The account is now created.

Click on the account logo on the top right (a colored circle).

Then click on the camera icon & upload your logo.

↻ Refresh the page & your logo is now associated with the Google account for your sender email.

Using your sender account email address, send an email to a Gmail a/c.

The logo should now appear something like below.

That should do it, let us know if this works for you or contact us if we can help.

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Other email providers use Gravatar to show your logo next to incoming email. So it makes sense to set that up now too.

Use this link to check sender email Gravatar:

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI), is a new standard to make it easier to get your logo displayed next to your message in the inbox.

Gmail announcement on their BIMI Pilot

The Gmail BIMI pilot requires DMARC on your sending domain.

See our guide to learn more or contact support:
Authentication guide