This guide will walk you through the main steps required to :

From the main menu, click on the "Imports" link under the Contacts heading.

Click the "Add New" button. This will start a 3 step wizard.

Step 1

Choose your import source and click next. The choices are:

Step 2 (if "Import from a Text File" was chosen)

Step 2 (if "Import from an FTP Site" was chosen)

Step 2 (if "Import using a Web Service" was chosen)

Step 3

On this screen, you map the information from your data source into the corresponding fields in Sensorpro. There are four columns on the screen:

The columns are:

Some things to be aware of about the mapping process:

Some things to be aware of about the import process:


To create and send an email, you first need to create a campaign. A campaign is the process of building an email (step 1), creating a segment (step 2) and broadcasting the email (step 3).,

From the main menu, click on a thumbnail to use as a starting point on the "Quickstart email" panel.

This will prompt you to "Add to an existing campaign" or "Create a new campaign".

If you choose "Add to an existing campaign", a campaign selector will appear on screen and you can choose a campaign to add this design to.

If you choose "Create a new campaign", you will be prompted for a campaign name.

Click "Ok" and the email designer will appear (with your selected template loaded automatically).

There is a separate full guide for the email designer. You can access it by clicking here (link opens in a new window).

Segmentation is the process of choosing who to send an email to. You can choose all contacts, contacts from a particular list/import, contacts based on campaign results, or even design your own rules (e.g. all contacts from the United States who work in the hospitality industry and have a job title of CEO or General Manager **).

** Note - you must have this data on your contact records to be able to use it for segmentation.

From within your campaign, click the "Step 2: Build Segment" screen.

There is a separate full guide for the Segmentation module. You can access it by clicking here (link opens in a new window).

A Broadcast is the process of sending your email to your segment. Note - if you don't have an email or a segment in your campaign, you will not be able to create a broadcast.

From within your campaign, click the "Step 3: Send/Broadcast Email" screen.

This will be a list of broadcasts in this campaign. To add a new one, click "Add New Broadcast" at the bottom of the screen.

Fill in the screen as follows:

Back on the broadcast list, you will see 8 icons in the Options Column:

From left to right:

Note 1: Make sure you send a test email to yourself to ensure that the email displays correctly.

Note 2: If you have scheduled a broadcast to go out at a future date/time and need to cancel it, click the clock icon. This will only be visible if you have scheduled an email.


After the email campaign has been sent, the results can be accessed from the Results Dashboard. The results are captured in real time and can be accessed at any time. From the main menu, click "Campaign results" on the menu.

You will now see a list of all your campaigns. Click the green dashboard icon beside the campaign you are interested in.

Alternatively, while on the homescreen, click the dashboard icon in your "Recent campaigns" panel:

When the dashboard loads, there are a number of sections on screen:

On the right side of the screen (from the top down):