Importing Contacts in Sensorpro is a simple 3 step process.

Some things to be aware of about the Import Process:

Choose Import Source from one of 3 choices. Choose from one of the sources below and click Next.

Import from a Text File

If your contacts are in an excel spreadsheet, save that spreadsheet as a CSV file. This is a plain text format that can be used as part of this import process.

Import from FTP Site

This also uses the CSV format as above, but the file needs to be on an FTP site. This option allows automatic imports on a schedule (the import can be scheduled to poll an FTP site for new files to automatically import).

Import from a Web Service

Sensorpro can import from external sources (such as CRM systems) by using their REST API. Sensorpro can connect to platforms like Epicor 10, SalesForce and Sitecore to import contacts from their contact tables.

If importing from Text File:

Give your import a name.

Browse for the CSV file on your PC.

Click Next.

If importing from an FTP Site:

Give your import a name.

Choose an FTP Site from the "FTP Site" list (if this is your first import, add a site first using the "Add New FTP Site" link).

In the "Filename on FTP Site" field, specify a filename.

If you want the file on the FTP site to be deleted after it has been imported, tick the checkbox for "Delete file from FTP site when done"

Click Next.

If importing from Web Service:

Give your import a name.

Choose a Web Service from the dropdown list.

Click Next.

Map your data

The table on this screen has 4 columns.

Note: Macros are used for data manipulation while importing, but are not needed for most imports.

When you're ready, click Finish and the import will begin.