How do I start adding/editing content?

How do I edit the contents in a panel?

After you have added a layout from the left into the design area in the middle, click the panel to select it. Once selected, a dotted line will appear around the panel.

To edit the text click onto the text and the content editor will open. From here you can update the text and change fonts/colors. Important: only use the pencil icon for advanced editing, this can break the responsiveness of the layout.

What are the icons at the top right while I'm editing a layout?

From left to right:

What are the buttons at the top of the designer?

From left to right:

How do I add images to my email?

On the layouts that have images, you will see a grey placeholder where an image is supposed to go. To replace an image, drag one from the "Recent Images" panel on the right onto the grey placeholder - the new image should appear in its place.

I have my own images. How do I upload them?

On the right side of the screen, click the "Upload Images" panel to open an image upload drop area. Drag images from your PC/Mac onto the area indicated and they will be uploaded automatically.

My images are strange sizes. How can I get them to fit the placeholders?

On the "Recent Images" panel, click on an image to open the image cropper. Select one of the preset sizes at the top. You can use the zoom buttons at the top right to zoom in and out. Once you have the image and size you need, click the "Crop" button to crop the image (you'll see a preview of the crop at the bottom). If you're happy with it, click the save button - this will create a new image (your original image will not be affected)

There are almost 70 layouts to choose from. What do they all do?

Layouts are content blocks that you can drag and drop into your email. These content blocks are all mobile responsive and they can all be edited inline once added to your email. There are 7 categories of layouts.

Headers and Footers


Text Only

Images & Text




Divider Lines


How do I style my buttons?

The style panel allows you to change style options for the entire email, or style individual panels if you prefer. To style your buttons, first note whether you are using solid buttons, hollow buttons or underline buttons.

On the "Select Style" dropdown list, select the button type that you want to change.

For Solid Buttons, you can change the text color and background color.

For both Hollow and Underline Buttons, you can change the color of the text/border, and you can change the line thickness.

How do I change the background colors for my email?

On the left side of the screen there is a panel called "Email Background". From here you can change the outer color (the color around the outside of the email) and the Content Background Color (the color behind the email content).

I don't like the default font. How do I change it?

In the Styles panel on the left, find the "Email Text Style" option. Use it to change the font, font size and font color for all regular (non-heading) text in the email. Tip: If you just want to change the font in one panel, select it first, then change this option - it will only change the selected panel.

How can I style an individual panel? (different fonts, colors for example. to the rest of the email)

Click a panel to select it. Any changes made using the style menu on the left will only impact the selected panel. You can change the following (independently from the rest of the email):

How do I add links?

There are two kinds of links that you can add to your email. Links to your own content (like website, blog, social media sites) and System Links (View In Browser, Document Links, Opt Out Links, Survey Links).

Add a link to your own site by highlighting the text you want to link and clicking the "Insert Link" button on the toolbar (labeled "1" above)..

Add a system link by highlighting the text you want to link and clicking the "System Links" list on the toolbar (labeled "2" above)..

For some system link types, you will be prompted to make a further selection (to choose a survey, choose a document for example.)

I want to add content from my blog or website. Can I do it?

Sure! On the content toolbar (see the screenshot in the last question), there is an option to "Download Content". From here, you can download content from "Wordpress" or "Other".

"Wordpress" uses a JSON plugin (more details here - you need to have that installed on your wordpress site). Add your wordpress link and click OK. The content will be formatted and added to the email designer.

"Other" allows you to enter any web address - content will be extracted from that page automatically.

How do I add a video to my email?

Videos cannot be embedded directly into an email - some email clients and servers may block them from appearing or break their functionality.

A workaround is to create an image that looks like a video. When contacts click it, it will launch the video in their browser.

"Warning: a button in your design is not linked to any web page. Ensure all buttons are linked before sending test emails. See FAQ for more information."

You have added buttons to your design. This is a warning message to let you know that the buttons do not have any links on them. To resolve, ensure that all buttons in your email have links.

"Design contains a button or link which is not linked to any content. All links should be set before testing email as it can lead to formatting issues with some email clients."

You have added buttons to your design. This message appears if you try to send yourself a test email without first adding links to those buttons (buttons with blank links are known to cause formatting issues with some email clients). To resolve, ensure that all buttons in your email have links.

I sent myself a test email and have not received it yet. Why?

Your email is sent to an email queue for processing. If the queue is busy (i.e. lots of other users sending emails at the same time), then your email will be processed in time. If you are waiting for a very long time, please contact and we will investigate. Tip: Some of our queues are on a domain by domain basis - queues for webmail domains (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, eircom for example.) can be quite busy. Sending to your company address usually bypasses these busier queues and will result in getting your email more quickly.

My email is very long and renders incorrectly in Outlook for Windows/Mac. Why?

All of our layouts are tested as much as possible in as many different email clients as possible. By default they should render correctly. Be aware of the advanced edit, this allows access to the layout foundations and it is possible to break responsiveness accidently during editing.

Outlook is a quirky email client and the bane of many email marketers due to these quirks. In this situation, it is trying to add page breaks to your email for ease of printing. Unfortunately, this can make a mess of your email layout, particularly if you are using multiple columns. The easiest way to resolve it is to note where this break happens, and add a piece of single column content (text, an image or a button) at that location instead. This is an issue with Outlook and is unfortunately outside of our control. Please contact if you need help or advice on your design.

My email looks terrible in Hotmail/ (but looks fine everywhere else). Why?

If you have added buttons to your design but have not added links to those buttons, you may come across this issue. Ensure that your buttons are linked to go somewhere (a website, email address for example.) then retry your test. If you're still having issues, please email and we will investigate.