clear All new Data Enrichment service

All new Data Enrichment service

Sensorpro gets a new data enrichment capability with over 85 data points like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Gender, Address and Phone number.

Including enriched subscriber data in your segment will result in a more targeted message that resonates better and delivers an improved engagement experience.

Use Dynamic content to align your message based on Timezone, Gender or Location, or create a campaign that is focused on a particular social network. For example, an offer focused on subscribers that only have a Linkedin profile or a message to Twitter accounts based on follower data.

Connecting the Data Enrichment service is a simple API setup that maps any of the data points to subscriber data. Use the custom fields where necessary. For example, if we wanted to map Twitter followers and segment based on this, create a new customer field and map to Person.Twitter.Followers

The service can also be connected to the Signup form so that it works away in the background.

To get the Data Enrichment service switched on for your account, please contact support or your Account manager.