How do Customers get the right reminder, just when they need it?

According to the Automobile Association, wiper blades should be replaced once a year. So when Tim bought wiper blades online, our client wanted to make sure he got a reminder one week before the purchase anniversary. They wanted the reminder email to offer this advice specific to the item, the prior purchase history and provide a special offer based on Tim's NPS score.

Sounds like a good story, right? When our client reached out with this reminder example, we initially thought our Birthday email process or API messaging should easily accomplish this.

But they clarified that not all items are renewed annually, so needed more flexibility and had to run automatically across thousands of line items without intervention. They also wanted the reminder process to work across all web behaviours, not just an online purchase. They also wanted the reminder to be deployed by email, SMS or old-fashioned mail, depending on Tim's data-points.

So we came up with Smart Tags.

How do they work?

You can tag a contact with both a tag and a date. So in this case, the ecommerce store calls our API and updates Tim’s contact record with the wiper purchase and date.

Then we setup a recurring campaign that runs every day checking to see who is due a purchase reminder email today. You will only need one email design per type of reminder. And that’s it.

Once setup, it will run every single day without any intervention, all based on the smart tags and dates that you have assigned to customers. This saves a ton of manual effort and makes sure subscribers get the right reminder, just when they need to.

Here's a few more reminder ideas:

  • Tim bought wiper blades today so gets a reminder 355 days from today.
  • Jane answered our Net Promoter Score survey so gets included in a Promoter-only email sent to everyone who answered in the last 30 days.
  • Paul joined our Newsletter program via the Facebook app last week. Today, he’ll get a message from us that only relates to signups from Facebook within the last 7 days.
  • We know that it’s Rebecca’s birthday in 3 days. We will send her a 20% voucher by email that she can use in our store in a 7 day window around her birthday to treat herself.
  • Maria visited our Sitecore powered site and spent time on the running shoe section of the site. Because Sitecore and Sensorpro are integrated, Maria will be included in today’s email that only goes to visitors of this page.
  • John’s health insurance is due to expire next Monday. John gets included in today’s renewal reminder that covers expiring policies in the next 10 days.
  • Simone likes to visit the Dental Hygienist every 6 months and gets a reminder the week before about the appointment.
  • Harry and Claire stayed in our hotel for their wedding anniversary. Three weeks before next year’s wedding anniversary, we will send Harry a promotional email for a return visit, just in time for the special occasion.

    So you can see that any activity that is date-related can be catered for with Smart Tags.

    We know that timing is everything with messaging. Messages that are delivered at the right time and with appropriate context are more likely to resonate and then convert. To start using Smart Tags, contact our Support team today.