All new drag and drop email designer for the novice and expert alike

We are so pleased to announce a brand new email designer for you. With all new drag & drop tools for the novice and expert alike, it's going to help create great looking emails that work on any device.

We really listened to your feedback on the old designer and took the decision to start from scratch. We took on board years of support call & survey data to make sure we addressed any obstacle that got in your way. And thank you so much to you early adopters who helped over the last few months and pushed us even harder to make this happen.

Fresh new templates that look great on mobile and a library of 40 common email layouts you can drop into your email design. Guaranteed to work on any device.

Layouts include social share, call to action buttons, images with wraparound text and many more.

All new image manager to quickly upload images into the designer, and a new cropping tool to match images with template layouts We also added a great new tool for Vimeo and Youtube, to make Video sharing in email that bit easier.

Colors, fonts and backgrounds can be quickly changed using styles and then see that change instantly.

Simple testing tool to send test email within the designer & a tool to quickly see how the email looks on mobile.