e-mail for ecommerce

The Sensorpro e-mail platform is backed by years of expertise with leading ecommerce stores like Micksgarage, Würth & WD40. Our e-mail platform for ecommerce is the best way to drive shoppers to your store & keep them coming back. To learn how, book a 1:1 demo with our expert now or create a free account.

Identify your best shoppers.

RFM is a tool to identify your best shoppers & reward them.

The RFM score has three parts. Recency -how recently did the customer purchase? Frequency -how often do they purchase? And Monetary Value -how much do they spend?

Each part has a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest & 5 the highest score. The lowest RFM score is 111 with 555 being the highest.

With RFM score, use the segmentation tool to send a reward message to high-scoring customers & incentives to the low.

Integrating the store

Your ecommerce store is an ecosystem of microservices. And they need to easily communicate with one other like sending order confirmations or reviews.

The Sensorpro Rest API can connect Sensorpro transactional messages & feedback questions with your ecommerce platform. For example use the Click tracking API to show revenue per email campaign or our headless survey option to record user/event feedback.

Example ecommerce e-mails

  • Welcome emails
  • New customer
  • email receipts
  • Repeat customer
  • Abandoned cart
  • Re-engagement
  • Replenishment
  • Birthday
  • Promotion
  • Topic Weather/Politics/News
  • Guest checkouts
  • Conversational Shopper Surveys & Reviews
  • Dynamic content using shopper data
  • Account balance



    Vinny O'Brien

    Vinny O'Brien is our ecommerce lead with 15 years ecommerce expertise at eBay, PepsiCo, Arnotts & Calvin Klein. He is a director of ecommerce with cruaoutdoors.com, a direct to consumer brand selling into the US. A mentor with L Marks London & Enterprise Ireland, Vinny is a part-time lecturer in Dublin City University & founder of the ecommerce summit conference, Ireland.

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