e-mail industry call for Do not track #DNT

Launched at Inboxexpo 2020, Sensorpro proposed the e-mail industry call for Do not track. It's a privacy initiative to change how email tracking pixels work.

Why Do not track?

At Sensorpro, we take a subscriber-first view on privacy -make it simple for subscribers to manage privacy & be transparent on how data is used.

And e-mail has changed. In particular, the relationship a subscriber has with email has changed. They expect senders to comply with GDPR, CCPA & they expect transparency. Join us now and share your commitment to the #DNT industry call.

How do email tracking pixels work?

A unique pixel is added to each email to signal an email open on the email platform. This is rarely declared on signup forms, sometimes in the privacy policy -but not always.

What should change.

The tracking pixel should be optional on the signup form. Other data collection forms should clearly state that a tracking pixel will be used & provide an option to opt-out.

We already have DNT.

Yes some e-mail vendors have an option to turn pixel tracking off at the campaign level. This initiative is focused on providing DNT at the subscriber level & encouraging marketers to add a DNT option to the sign up form. It's about transparency. Subscribers cannot see the DNT option you may or may not have set at the campaign level.

But my open rates?

Outcomes trump opens. We believe that improving subscriber trust & transparency will increase subscriber growth & retention.

Curious people should try running campaigns without link & open tracking. Start to compare the results in terms of practical outcomes. You will be pleasantly surprised.

PSJenna Tiffany made this presentation at the Expo:

Death of email tracking pixel by Jenna Tiffany