S ensorpro is an EU-made email marketing platform that sends email & SMS with less effort. With no monthly contracts & only pay to send, it's free forever when less than 500 email contacts.

Batteries are included, with inbox ready email templates, ten SMS credits & one thousand email credits. And we design a new email template (just for you) completely free.

Plus we keep things going with flows to identify which customer is likely to buy or a welcome series to nurture new subscribers.

PS Works with platforms that run your business, such as Shopify or BigCommerce & tools that connect them like Zapier. Our partners, Epsilon Publicis Groupe & Epicor, connect us with the most extensive and demanding in the business. Please join us; you will be in good company with Customers that include IHG, An Post, The Credit Union Association & WD40.

We serve hundreds of clients that demand real-time lead generation for opt-in acquisition. The Sensorpro team are very supportive & diligently work with us to build our proprietary, innovative targeting solutions.

John Wen, Director, Product at Epsilon Data Solutions (Publicis Groupe)

Sending at scale

Our dedicated Cisco Ironport email sending appliances are rated best in the industry for inbox delivery & subscriber management.

Full stack Survey platform

Conversational surveys & forms, 30+ question types, branching & Sentiment analysis.

Responsive design

e-mail & survey templates that work right away on any device with many designs to choose from.

Made in EU

Platform is hosted in highly-secure ISO27001 accredited data center, Dublin.


The Subscriber dashboard helps compliance with GDPR-ready Subscriber forms & welcome emails for proof of consent.


Our Pay as you go pricing makes sense for how we work today. With no monthly contracts, you only pay to send.


Sensorpro uses best-in-class Microsoft .NET Cloud-first Architecture


Quickly create email campaigns directly from your Shopify or BigCommerce store.

Get started in less than five minutes