Segment messaging with Epicor data

Easy to use drag and drop email designer

eCommerce email tools

Powerful Ironport Email Appliance

Responsive email templates for any device

Integrated with Third Party CRM Systems

Available on-premise or multi-tenant cloud

Include email metrics in Epicor CRM

Welcome Emails, Triggered Emails and Autoresponders.

Automatic Bounce Management

Integrated with iScala

Lead scoring: Nurture leads automatically.


Advanced Surveys

Net Promoter Score (NPS) out of the box

Responsive and adapts to any device

Triggered Messages based on Survey Responses

Native Multilingual support

Extensive Scripting and Skip Logic Capabilities

Personalized Landing Page Domains

Deploy in iFrame on your Corporate Website

Extensive Automated Data Export Capabilities

Available on-Premise and multi-tenant cloud

Full Managed Service Available

Wordcloud Text and Sentiment Analysis

Deploy Surveys within Facebook