Email Marketing

Beyond the Email Blast

Email Responders for Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Send and Track SMS Messages  New! 

Advanced Personalisation App for eCommerce

Powerful Ironport Email Appliance

Proven Templates that Render Correctly

Integrated with Third Party CRM Systems

Simple and Easy to Use Content Designer

Powerful Segmentation

Welcome Emails, Triggered Emails and Autoresponders.

Automatic Bounce Management

Clickstream Tracking from Newsletter to Checkout

Lead scoring: Nurture leads automatically.

Try our demo retail POS app.


Ask the Right Questions

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Mobile-friendly: Fully Supports Responsive Design

Triggered Messages based on Survey Responses

Native Multilingual support

Extensive Scripting and Skip Logic Capabilities

Personalized Landing Page Domains

Deploy in iFrame on your Corporate Website

Extensive Automated Data Export Capabilities

On-Premise Option Available

Full Managed Service Available

Wordcloud Text and Sentiment Analysis

Deploy Surveys to Facebook

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Trusted by Brand Leaders


Create responsive designs that work

There are 25+ email templates in your account, free to use right away. If there is something else you like, send it to us and we will drop a template into your account, completely free.

Trusted Senders Club

Get a Trusted Sender badge to show your excellence in email compliance. Technical Setup, Qualification and Terms apply.

Research Services

We will analyse your survey results and provide statistical reports and commentary. Our panel partner CINT can provide quality respondents in every country.


Our platform was created with Microsoft .NET C# SQL Server. Available self-service or on-premise. Contact support for API guide.


Personalisation App

Improve open rates with our Personalisation app, includes Shopping Scoring and Clickstream Tracking.

Reputation Management

We monitor Microsoft SNDS, Senderscore, Blacklists and other reporting networks. Our platform complies with GMAIL sending rules for best inbox delivery.

Inbound Marketing

Create responsive forms for Whitepaper delivery, Twitter lead generation cards, closed-loop reporting, landing pages and scoring.

Established IP Addresses

We use multiple IP addresses that have been warmed up and are known to email services providers. Our IRONPORT email appliance is rated best in the industry.

Preferred by Agencies

Email Pay As You Go Pricing

Less than 2,500 Contacts FREE

Annual Volume Pricing Per Email

Up to 50,000 emails - 0.019

Up to 150,000 emails - 0.017

Up to 250,000 emails - 0.015

Up to 500,000 emails - 0.01

Up to 1m emails - 0.007

Up to 2m emails - 0.005

Surveys Pay As You Go Pricing

Less than 100 Responses FREE


Self service options

Full service options



Annual plans


  Mailchimp Constant Contact SENSORPRO
Freemium Plan 2,000 Contacts Not Available 2,500 Contacts
Impacted by GMAIL Changes Yes No No
Welcome Emails in Freemium Plan
Lead Scoring
Allow role-based email
  Mailchimp Constant Contact SENSORPRO
Phone Support
European Office
Personal Deliverability Testing
Extra Charges
  Mailchimp Constant Contact SENSORPRO
Images and PDF Documents Free Charge Free
Newsletter Archive Free Charge Free
Custom Email Design Charge Charge Free
Spam Assassin Inbox Checker Charge Not Available Free
  Mailchimp Constant Contact SENSORPRO
On-Premise Version
European Servers
Comply with EU Data Laws NO YES YES
Ironport Email Appliance
Platform Engineering Stack PHP JAVA .NET
Domain Key Support